StufZ Review

When I was a kid, burgers were mostly a simple food: a patty on a bun with a few condiments. Not anymore though! Foodies have taken the humble burger to new heights by stuffing them full of wonderful meats, cheeses, veggies and seasonings.

Unfortunately, this means the price of burgers have gone up as well…

Many restaurants in my area are charging ten bucks or more for a stuffed burger, and that’s not including fries, drinks, tax or tip! I don’t know about you, but I’m watching every penny; I can’t afford $50 or more when I take my family out for burgers.

Anyway, I tried doing the stuffed burger thing at home, but the burgers always turned out to be a mess, cooking unevenly and with the fillings leaking out and getting burnt. I finally figured that there must be some kind of special course in stuffed-burger making in cooking schools and gave up. But then my buddy Ryan told me about the StufZ burger press, a kitchen gadget that lets you make pro-quality stuffed burgers at home. I decided to buy a set and this thing is awesome.

Keep reading to see my full review.

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How StufZ Works

StufZ is a simple, basic gadget. Almost too simple actually and I’m surprised it took someone this long to invent it. To use it, just put your ground meet into the base, press down, and bam, ¬†you’ve got a “meat cup.” Add the fillings of your choice, then add the top layer. Press and there you have it, a stuffed, sealed burger ready for your grill, oven, or frying pan.

You can use any combination of ingredients that you want: Bacon, cheese, veggies, other meat (like a chicken and beef burger combo), chili, or whatever you can think up.

Check out this video demonstration below to get a better idea of how it works:

Stufz Reviews

Pros and Cons

Like anything you buy for your kitchen, there are pros and cons to StufZ. Here are a few things to think about:


  • Making your own stuffed burgers is far cheaper than buying one at a restaurant.
  • You can control the ingredients, making a burger to your taste. You can also custom-make stuffed burgers for everyone in the family. Kids love it!
  • Dietary restrictions? Trying to control calories? Use StufZ to make ground chicken or turkey burgers with low-fat cheese and fresh veggies inside!
  • StuffZ lets you easily create burgers with a uniform shape and appearance. No more lopsided burgers that get overcooked on one end, but are mushy and raw elsewhere.


  • One size means that you can’t really make larger or smaller burgers with StufZ.
  • I wish it came with a recipe book but it doesn’t unfortunately.

Where to Buy StufZ

I got mine from the official website and that’s where I’d definitely recommend purchasing it from. I got a money back guarantee on my order, which is always important these days. I also was able to double my order for a small shipping and handling charge. It’s a really good deal and I haven’t seen this offered anywhere else.

Final Recommendation

If you are sick of paying high restaurant prices for incredible burgers, or trying to make your own and keep messing them up, get the StufZ burger press. You’ll be able to enjoy these burgers at home, on the patio, while tailgating, or even on the beach. I really enjoy using mine and I know you will too!

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